With the White Sox, Michael Jordan

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Over the last 30 years, the Chicago White Sox have had some exceptional players. Frank Thomas, Paul Konerko, and Jose Abreu are among the legends.

Seeing these guys play in black and white has been a lot of fun.

Michael Jordan was previously a member of the Chicago White Sox organisation, which is an interesting tidbit to know.

His father wanted him to play baseball before becoming a basketball legend, but that never happened.

For individuals like Luis Robert, Eloy Jimenez, and Yoan Moncada to take over, they need to lead the group

So he took a break from the NBA for a few years to pursue his baseball goal. He was a part of the Chicago White Sox organisation at the time.

Major League Baseball, however, was dealing with labour troubles at the same time. We'll never know if he ever got a chance to play in the Major Leagues.

He was already unretired and back with the Bulls by the time the MLB and MLBPA figured it out.

He went on to win three more titles, bringing his total to six, solidifying his status as the greatest of all time.


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