Weight Loss Tricks That Work

Keep it Cool

As a result of this study, we may be able to sleep better while reducing belly fat.

Coffee, Black

 A recent study found that four cups of coffee per day could lower body fat by 4%.

Go Full Fat

This is according to a new Credit Suisse Research Institute analysis.

Choose Red Fruit

Fruits for weight loss. Apples, watermelon red grapes and raspberries.

Pu-Erh Tea

The study included a control group, a high-fat diet without tea, and three other high-fat diet groups.

Make Every Friday Casual

Wearing jeans to work erodes your belly. Wearing denim to work increased steps by almost 500.

Take a Whiff

Eating green apples and bananas makes you feel fuller longer.

 Cereal Killer

Keep your spoon and listen! Oatmeal is more satiating than cold oatmeal and can help you lose weight.

Candy Daydream

A recent study found that fantasising about eating an entire packet of your favourite candy may cause you to eat less of it.

Plan a Workout

So, you skip the workout to meet friends for drinks. Better yet, invite your pal to the gym.

a Melon Buffet

However, a handful of fruits is the best way to burn fat and debloat.