In case PSG do not win the UEFA Champions League, Lionel Messi is ready to leave.

Last year, Messi joined PSG on a free transfer from Barcelona. He's supposed to stay until June 2023. 

But, according to ex-Barca midfielder Lobo Carrasco, he's ready to go home.

Paris Saint-Germain appears to be in trouble. If they don't win the UEFA 

Champions League this season, they might lose Lionel Messi.

Messi left Barcelona last year for PSG on a free transfer. He's supposed to stay until June 2023.

That may change, according to former Barca midfielder Lobo Carrasco.

A Ballon d'Or-Best FIFA double is likely, but his first six months with his new club 

have been underwhelming. And he's struggling in France.

After a delayed debut in Ligue 1, Messi has only scored once in 11 games.