Top 10 Haircuts & Hairstyles for Men

1. Undercut Hairstyle

Short on the sides, longer on top. That’s the essence of a classic undercut, which works with various styles of men’s hair (curly, wavy, straight, etc). 

2. Textured Pompadour Haircut

THere’s a top men’s haircut that seems like it should have gone out of style at some point, but never has. 

3. Side-Part Hairstyle

Just how timeless is the men’s side part, you ask? Timeless enough to straddle six decades or more, as evidenced by the perennial appeal of Don Draper’s slicked back approach.

4. Short Curly Hair with a Trimmed Beard

Epically long beards are all the rage these days, but we’re not convinced they won’t one day be viewed as a relic of their time. 

5. Buzz Cut

True to its name, the buzz cut puts the electric buzzer to use, going short on all sides. 

6. Caesar Cut

If a men’s haircut has been in style since the days of Roman emperors, one can safely assume its status won’t be changing anytime soon. 

7. Messy Waves Hairstyle

Best described as purposefully unkempt, the messy waves hairstyle requires more maintenance and intent than first meets the eye. 

8. Short Dreads

If there was a time when short dreads were anything but awesome, we aren’t aware of it. 

9. Slicked Back Haircut

Like the trusty side part, the slicked back haircut has been a mainstay in the business world for decades. 

10. Long Wavy Hair

We might have poked fun at 80s glam metal haircuts in the introduction, but don’t let that deter you from growing out your god-given follicles.

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