super delicious homemade pizza

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To begin, gently coat a medium mixing bowl with olive oil.
Warm water (about 110 degrees F), dried yeast, and sugar are combined.

 The sugar feeds the active yeast, which causes the dough to rise.

 Combine flour and salt in a separate basin.

 A fork, cutting board, knife,
pizza pan, and rolling pin (optional) should all be readily available.

Make a well in the centre of the flour and salt bowl and pour in the yeast. Pour in the olive oil. Pull the dry ingredients into the wet, then combine.

When the dough come together, knead it for a few minutes  with your hands. Give it a couple of twists. When the dough is a touch tacky, you're done.

Place the kneaded dough in an oiled basin, cover with plastic wrap, and let aside to rise until doubled in size.

When you poke the dough, it should leave an indentation.

Divide the dough with a knife after. Form into balls and arrange on a platter. Cover the balls. Allow the dough balls to rest until you notice an indentation when you poke them.

Sprinkle a little semolina on a pizza pan for nice separation. Place a dough ball in the centre of the pan and spread it out with a rolling pin. Then, pull the dough to the pan's edges. 

Top the spread dough with your favorite ingredients and bake in a 500-degree F oven for approximately 10 minutes

Perfect pizza every time.

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