10 Best Hot Dog Toppings

Avocado and bacon

Garnish with bacon crumbles and Everything But the Bagel seasoning, if desired. Do it anyhow! It'll be the breakfast you didn't know you needed.

Chili and coleslaw

Chili dogs are a classic ballpark food, but with a sweet twist. Extra vegetables will give your dog more volume and keep you fuller longer.

Baked beans and chips

Sprinkle on some chips for an added crunch, creating the perfect salty-sweet combination.

Sauerkraut and brown mustard

The classic hot dog with brats, sauerkraut, and mustard is delicious .

Gravy and fries

You've been missing out on poutine on a hot dog! Add some cheese curds for the true poutine sensation!

Pickles, tomatoes, and onion

A Chicago hot dog starts with pickles, tomatoes, and raw onions. Add relish, celery salt, mustard, and serve on that renowned poppyseed bun.

Buffalo sauce and
 Blue cheese

Hot dogs with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese. Whatever the case, this unique hot dog will surely gratify all spicy food aficionados out there.

Pimento cheese and pickled jalapeƱos

While a cheese dog can be made with any cheese, pimento cheese provides a special touch. Add pickled jalapeos for a cheesy, tangy, spicy combination.

Baked beans and bacon

Bacon and beans already go together. But put them on a hot dog and you've got a winner! Enjoy the sweet beans with savoury bacon at your next outdoor BBQ.

Mac, cheese and bacon

It's great on a burger or a hot dog! Combine it with salty bacon for a great supper.

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