Linda Evangelista shows CoolSculpting results

Linda Evangelista, a famous supermodel, has been in seclusion for over five years after she claims she was damaged by a popular cosmetic operation.

 she is finally speaking out about the condition that has left her body "unrecognisable."

Evangelista, 56, spoke with People for the cover storey of the magazine's upcoming issue about the "hiding and shame" she experienced after developing disfiguring lumps on her body.

she claims were caused by CoolSculpting, a popular fat-freezing treatment marketed as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

"I had a lot of fun walking the runway." She told People, "Now I'm afraid of running into someone I know." 

"I can't continue to live in shame and secrecy like this."

Jason Sheeler, People deputy West Coast editor, told Emilie Ikeda on TODAY Wednesday, "She's become a recluse in her own words." "She claims to be agoraphobic."

"She claims she hasn't looked in the mirror in a long time. She still refuses to leave her house."

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