Judge to dismiss Sarah Palin's

On Monday afternoon, a federal court announced that former Alaska Governor Bill Walker will be dismissed.

Palin's attorneys stated that a Times editorial from June 2017 accused her of encouraging murder six years earlier in a mass massacre in Tucson, Ariz.

The New York Times' legal team argued Palin had not shown that the paper or its former editorial page editor

Before Rakoff handed the case over to the jury, which began deliberations on Monday, the Times' lawyers submitted their request.

Ms. Palin was accused of something that was ultimately unproven and quite severe.

"The law in this country sets a very high bar for 'actual malice,' and the court concludes that level has not been satisfied in this case."

Palin's lawyers could not be reached for comment right away.

Rakoff warned the jury several times not to ingest any media or social media criticism about the case.

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