10 foods That Will KeepYou
Hydrated during winter 


Dietary Spinach Is High In Vitamin E And Fibre And Is Great For Your Skin And Hair. It also helps your body retain water during the winter.


Serve it in soups, curries and salads. The Veggie Is Wet. A cup of chopped cauliflower contains 50ml water.

bell pepper

Yellow And Green Bell Peppers Help You Stay Hydrated. Water, Vitamin C, B6, Beta-Carotene, and Thiamine are all found in bell peppers.


Coconut Water Has Many Beneficial Elements. In the winter, adding coconut water to your diet can help you lose weight and stay hydrated.

olive oil

Virgin Olive Oil Is Rich In Vitamin E And Moisturizes The Body. Olive Oil Can Benefit Your Skin. Olive oil is a fantastic winter moisturiser.


Tomatoes Keep The Body Hydrated In The Winter. Tomatoes contain a lot of water, which can help you stay awake during the winter.


Cucumber Is A Natural Detoxifier. Cucumber is 95% water. It's also high in vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium.


Oranges Are Good For Your Winter Health. They contain 88% water with vitamin C, A and calcium. Oranges can hydrate and increase immunity.


This unusual red vegetable has several health benefits. Vitamin A, C, and Potassium protect the skin. Inside, they nourish and restore the skin from the inside out.

Sweet potato

This winter root vegetable offers several health benefits. This water-rich veggie will keep you hydrated from within.