food You Didn't Know Were Invented in America

Do you prefer yours Maine style with mayo, or Connecticut style with butter? Either way, the fresh meal was invented in New England.

lobster roll

According to legend, Pat, a hot dog vendor, threw some beef on the grill to attract a taxi driver who ordered a steak sandwich.

philly cheesesteak

They were invented by chef Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1938 when she owned the Toll House Inn in Derbyshire, now known as Toll House Cottage.

chocolate chip cookies

Hot, messy, delicious Buffalo chicken wings were first introduced in Buffalo, New York.

Buffalo wingsHot

The Cheeseburger Is American. The Cheesy-Beef Patty Was Made In America, Regardless of where it originated.


The Brownie Is Said To Be Borne In Chicago. Women Attending The World's Columbian Exposition Boxed Lunch Dessert.


The First S'mores Recipe Was In A Girl Scout Book In 1927. Loretta Scott Crew is credited with creating the campfire treat. They're said to be for Girl Scouts and are still popular today.


The delicious dressing was made on a dude ranch in California in 1954. Ranch dressing is more than a condiment, it's a Midwestern necessity.

ranch dressing

Its Origin Is Uncertain. Some say it was invented in Springfield, Illinois, others in Texas or Minnesota.

corn dog

Chicago-style pizza was first introduced in the Windy City, but how much do you know about deep dish pizza?

deep dish pizza

Ore-Ida founders came up with the idea of potato tots when searching for a way to use their leftover shreds of cut-up potatoes.

tater tots