Dolly Parton,
 Miley Cyrus

Parton, 76, and Cyrus, 29, collaborated on a pair of Super Bowl advertisements for T-"#DoItForThePhones" Mobile's campaign, which promotes the company's 5G network.

In a Friday news statement, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert remarked, "I can't think of a greater pair to help us increase awareness of this critical problem than godmother-goddaughter superstars

"Not only are they incredibly gifted, but they also tell it like it is."

T-Mobile will provide $250,000 to Cyrus' Happy Hippie Foundation, which supports homeless youngsters,

 LGBTQ youth, and other vulnerable groups, as a thank you for their work.

"When I notice a problem, I'm going to solve it," Parton says in the first commercial.

Heading 2

"How can I help these phones?" Cyrus asks her godmother later in the video. "You've got a voice, utilise it!" Parton responds.

The second commercial starts with Parton telling Cyrus to "do it for the phones" while she sits at a grand piano and on a couch.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.