Controversial Talk Show about Rush Limbaugh's Widow

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A year after conservative radio star Rush Limbaugh died of lung cancer, his wife, Kathryn, is honouring her late husband and, predictably, expressing some of his current thoughts on the country.

Thursday morning about Rush's life and impact, adding that she believes he left a lasting legacy "We've always been made to think that America's finest days are yet to come.

Heading 2 He'd say I'm only a radio announcer, but he was so much more. I like to think of him as America's Winston Churchill."

Until his death, Rush had a very popular and divisive career, attracting millions of listeners to his daily radio programme despite being repeatedly .

His fourth wife, Kathryn, was the one to break the news of his death last year, telling listeners on his radio show in February that her "great husband" was "bigger than life."

"I like to think of him as America's Winston Churchill."

HeadinIn January 2020, Rush was diagnosed with lung cancer. A year later, at the age of 70, he died.

Kathryn stated at the time that she intended to continue Rush's efforts, such as expanding his children's book series.

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