Eating Banana Every Day good or bad ?

You'll be supporting your gut health.

Resistant starch in bananas promotes short-chain fatty acid synthesis. These Fats Help Gut Health. So, bananas stabilise our gut and feed our microbiome.

You may lose weight.

These Bananas Will Keep You Fuller For Longer. A list of the top 20 weight loss foods from Healthline. So, next time you're at the store, grab a bunch.

You can improve your skin.

A Banana A Day Can Help Your Skin. A Banana Face Mask may help, according to Healthline. But I think we'll stick to bananas for good skin.

 You'll improve your energy level.

Invigorating And De-Fatiguing Bananas Athletes who drink sports drinks every 15 minutes outperform those who eat bananas and water.

You'll get a boost of potassium.

The Heart-Healthy Banana Potassium Is Good For Your Heart. Potassium-Rich Diet Lowers Heart Disease Risk By 27% So Eat This Fruit Daily From Now On.

You will enhance your vision.

The National Institute Of Health recommends a banana-a-day diet. Bananas include Vitamin A, which protects your eyes and improves night vision.

Magnesium Rich Bananas Protein Synthesis And Muscle Relaxation Magnesium also aids in lipolysis, or fat burning. Making Magnesium Banana Tea Is Fun.

Bananas help to build lean muscle.

Bananas help your muscles recover faster.

Potassium Rich Bananas Potassium Is A Muscle Recovering Electrolyte. It also allows you to work out more, according to the US NABF (ANA).

Bananas support a good mood.

Folate, An Antidepressant, Is In Bananas Folate Promotes Serotonin Uptake. Some doctors advise increasing folate intake to boost antidepressant effects.

 lower feelings of anxiety and stress

It is a precursor to serotonin. Serotonin Can Help With Sleep Disorders. And Norepinephrine, A Stress-Relieving Hormone.

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